You don't want to be the cool parent

I don't have enough hair to pull off that mohawk, but I do try to do a lot of things with my kids.  Back in high school, some kids had really cool parents. You know the ones - you could hang out at their house all the time and do whatever you wanted. They even let you drink alcohol. My kids are pretty young so they aren't drinkers, but I'm sure this still happens all the time. But now that I am a risk adverse attorney, I can assure you that my kids won't be throwing a booze party in our house with my consent. 

It's a risk because someone could get hurt, obviously. But beyond that, there are legal ramifications. Illinois law makes you liable if anything goes wrong if you as a parent allows a drinking party to happen in your house. If a teen is drinking at your home in Chicago and gets hurt, their parents could sue you. If a teen leaves your house after drinking and gets into an accident either down the street or several towns over, you could be held responsible, not only by the teen's parents but by other drivers and passengers involved in the accident.

Beyond all of that, it is a felony to allow such a party and it is punishable by jail time if you are convicted.

My little ones are tough to parent and I can't imagine it's much easier when you have teenagers.   It can be tempting to win their approval by being more like a cool friend than an overbearing parent. Legally though, it's a terrible idea, especially when it comes to underage drinking.  It could literally cost you everything you own and put you in jail.

So instead of sucking up to your kids by giving them and their friends beer and booze, leave that to someone else.  I'm sure they will be thankful when you aren't the parent that has their mug shot all over the news when one of these teen drunk drivers kills somebody.



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