Five ways to keep your legal fees down


Chicago is a great city with some great attorneys, but as you know, their services aren't free. Here are five ways to keep those pesky legal fees to a minimum.


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  • With your "research your legal issue," I have the feeling that if Tribune stories (as reflecting on their reporters) and certainly Tribune blogs and comment boards are any indication, laypeople with no legal training who do so will come up with the wrong conclusion 92% of the time, and probably start arguing with their lawyers, costing them more time. At least on the Internet is free.

    Get to the point is a good point, however. I'm sure most clients want to engage in social chit chat first.

  • When I say "research your legal issue" I'm not telling people to be their own lawyer. But I do think even a lay person can learn some basic information on their own (e.g. what is the difference between a felony and misdemeanor, what percentage they pay for child support, etc.) and save some money. Thanks for the comment.

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