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City vehicle sticker deadline is this week

It’s that time of year already. Ticketing starts in Chicago this weekend – $120 – for cars without a city vehicle sticker, or more accurately, for failure to properly display your sticker. (If you already bought your new one, don’t forget to put it on your windshield. Simply purchasing it in time will not save... Read more »

Can I get a quick, cheap divorce in Cook County?

It depends. We say that a lot, but it’s true. There are so many factors that go into getting a divorce that every case is different in some way. Basically, the more you and your spouse disagree (about things like dividing up your property or child custody and visitation), the longer it will take and... Read more »

Crazy Illinois law alert

Crazy Illinois law alert
Did you know that you can be proven to not be the father of a child and still have to pay child support in Illinois for that child?   Last week in Cook County, a judge ordered a man to pay thousands of dollars in past child support for a child that isn’t his. The... Read more »

Something you never should do for a friend

Sometimes my life feels like groundhog day.  About once  a week I get a phone call that goes something like this: Two years ago I co-signed a loan for my best friend for $5,000.  He was buying a used car.  Sure enough he skipped out on the payments and now they are coming after me. ... Read more »

Banks wouldn't do things that are sleazy and illegal, would they?

The economic crisis led to the Mortgage Loan Modification Act. In a nutshell, if your monthly mortgage is more than 31% of your gross income, you are supposed to be able to lower your mortgage payment.  It’s good for you because you can keep your house.  It’s good for the banks because they have too many foreclosed... Read more »

A sneaky way Blagojevich could speak

You probably have heard by now that Rod Blagojevich isn’t going to testify.  It’s surely a smart move.  The papers don’t like it and it may not be popular PR wise, but his freedom is on the line.  It appears that the Government held back some of their case to go after him on cross-examination... Read more »

Five ways to keep your legal fees down

Five ways to keep your legal fees down
  Chicago is a great city with some great attorneys, but as you know, their services aren’t free. Here are five ways to keep those pesky legal fees to a minimum.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt... Read more »

Can you actually drop criminal charges once they have been filed?

We get asked fairly often: How can I drop the charges? It usually relates to someone who has been arrested for domestic abuse.  Our response: You can’t. Depending on the situation, this news can be good or bad. Or perhaps you’ve been there and it isn’t news at all. The rule is that it’s up... Read more »

You don't want to be the cool parent

I don’t have enough hair to pull off that mohawk, but I do try to do a lot of things with my kids.  Back in high school, some kids had really cool parents. You know the ones – you could hang out at their house all the time and do whatever you wanted. They even... Read more »

Breaking up with your lawyer

Relationships with attorneys aren’t unlike relationships in life. People choose attorneys based on their gut feeling. At the beginning, things probably go well; it seems too good to be true. Then after a while, the relationship becomes strained. Maybe there is a disagreement, or an argument, or just a difference in opinion. Like any relationship,... Read more »