Bear thoughts

At 6-4,the Bears are in the thick of everything in the NFC North. The packers can make a run considering that they will be 2 games back of the division lead starting on Sunday because Aaron Rodgers is coming back on thanksgiving - or so he claims. I also don't trust the Lions to clinch anything anyways. The Bears are playing decent footbal.  The offense continues to improve with McCown at the helm,but the defense is terrible.

I believe that Jay Cutler should have delayed against the Ravens because he shouldn't have been playing against the Lions. Quite honestly, I don't understand the thought process behind letting him start. I admire his toughness m but a winnable division game at home when McCown has been playing well does not allow me to believe that Cutler should have been playing. What's done is done,but I was right in saying that Jay shouldn't have been playing.

Two weeks from now, the Bears will be 8-4 because there is no way that they lose to the Rams or Vikings despite the games being away games. The Bears are just a lot more talented than those teams and there should  be no reason to lose those games. Here's the question that I pose, are the Bears playoff quality?

Despite the leaky defense, I think the Bears are contenders. over the next few weeks, the Bears defense will be reinforced with the return of Lance Briggs and Jeremiah Ratliff. The return of Briggs will be enormous for the line backing corps, and the arrival of Ratliff is an unknown. His level of playing ability is unknown as he recovers from major surgery, but realistically, anybody is better than Cohen. Ratliff allows Wooten to go back to the end position. When Paea returns, that turns a leaky defensive line into a formidable defensive line. At the end of the season, Tillman will return and Cutler will return to the offense. The defense will gain a few starters back towards the back half of the season, which can only add to the improvement of the defensive that has been demonstrated over the past few weeks (20.33 PPG).

When they get healthier, its not hard imaging a run.

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