Can this Bulls core win a championship?

The Chicago Bulls season - and the much anticipated return of Derrick Rose - is quickly approaching. While the Bulls prepare for training camp, the question is whether or not this team can win a championship. The Bulls arguably will be the most improved team this season because they have "acquired" a former MVP who should be just as good (if not better) than previously. With Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose at the helm, the Bulls will always have a shot at making a run at the title, but with the Miami Heat standing in the way, that may not happen. I was sold that the Heat's model of building a team would not work but it led to three straight Finals appearances and 2 straight championships.

For years, the Bulls have been ab0ut the future and the "core". The core of Rose, Noah, Butler, Gibson, and Deng (for now) is very strong. Include the young Marquis Teague, the future lottery pick from the Bobcats and Nikola Mirotic, the Bulls can contend for years. But can they win?

The Bulls sorely lacked three point shooting last year, but with the addition of Rose (who showed improved range prior to his injury) and the addition of Mike Dunleavy Jr. (a subtle yet effective move), the Bulls three point shooting should improve greatly. That's not even including the draft picks of Tony Snell and Erik Murphy. This will stretch defenses by bringing players towards the perimeter and opens up the inside game. Doing so allows more room for Joakim Noah to operate and for Derrick Rose to slice the defense.

Rose will create open shots for his teammates, and if they can hit the open shots this team can make a run for a champions. Their commitment to defense is undeniable and once again they will be in upper echelon of team defenses in the NBA. However, I don't see the Bulls getting past the Heat with a healthy Lebron James. The Bulls are one player away from making a run - specifically at the shooting guard position. Maybe Jimmy Butler will be that person - he surprised us last year - but at this moment, I don't think he is.

As of now, the Bulls will be considered a top notch team, but not one to seriously make a run at the championship. As much as I want this team to win, I'm not convinced that they can at the moment.


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