Despite Allen, Donald still the choice

Last week, I woke up to the news that the Bears had signed Jared Allen. I was shocked because I thought that the Bears were done adding to the defensive end position. The addition of Allen on basically a 2 year deal, is a great bridge contract for the Bears so they can search for... Read more »

Mike Olt Is the Key to the Cubs' Rebuild

The Cubs system is loaded with prospects from top to bottom. Not only is Theo and Jed telling us this, but scouts from around the league are saying as such. As David Kaplan wrote recently, rival GM’s truly believe that the Cubs time is coming soon. While there are several prospects in the system that... Read more »

The Future of the Bulls

I’m not entirely sure how the Bulls are in third place in the eastern conference. It defies logic. First your MVP goes down for the season, and then your all-star is traded. You’re supposed to be a terrible team after that. That’s how it was supposed to work, but the Bulls are the best team... Read more »

Chicago Bulls Trade Deadline Primer

This season is a lost season for the Bulls, or at least it was supposed to be. With the injury to Derrick Rose, the season was over, the Bulls was not supposed to compete in the east. This was further proven with the Bulls trading Luol Deng in a salary dump plus a first round... Read more »

Trade Samardzija - In July

I was dead against the Cubs trading Jeff Samardzija because he has the makeup of a great pitcher and he continually improves. Then I thought about the reality of the Cubs rebuild. The top Cubs prospects will start to arrive in 2014 and 2015. It is unreasonable to think that the Cubs will be ready... Read more »

Tanaka to the Yankee's. Now What?

The news of Tanaka joining New York is not surprising. Yet it still pains the heart knowing that the Cubs came second. Tanaka has the capability to be the ace of a staff, but there is also a high level of risk. The risk associated with pursuing Tanaka did not seem to faze Theo and... Read more »

Looking Forward: Chicago Bears

Last week the Bears season ended with a thud and a lot has changed since then. Cutty is back for another whopping 7 years, Jennings and Slauson are back for 4 more years, and the Packers are out of the playoffs. Hell, even Mel Tucker’s job isn’t safe. Any Bears fan can point out that... Read more »

Win or Lose, the Bears Are Still Underachieving

Six months ago, if you told me that the Bears could be 9-7 and in the playoffs, I would have said that the Bears overachieved this year. Looking back at the season, its hard to imagine that this season can be coined a success even if Jay Cutler and the Bears beat the Packers. The... Read more »

What is up with Samardzija?

After a brief hiatus, I am back. End of the semester shenanigans got me caught up. The winter meetings came and went and Samardzija is still a Cub. This surprises me and confuses me. With all the talk of the shark being traded away, I expected him to be traded at the winter meetings, but... Read more »

Bear thoughts

At 6-4,the Bears are in the thick of everything in the NFC North. The packers can make a run considering that they will be 2 games back of the division lead starting on Sunday because Aaron Rodgers is coming back on thanksgiving – or so he claims. I also don’t trust the Lions to clinch... Read more »
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