Illinois one of 10 states with highest percentage of hybrid or electric vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles were once considered a toy for the rich, but today they’ve become more commonplace, with over half a million hybrid and electric vehicles sold in 2017.

Though electric cars provide full freedom from the gas pump, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are by far the most popular type of alternative fuel vehicle. These vehicles use either their electric motor, internal combustion engine, or both, depending on the circumstances—and during the times when the internal combustion engine powers the vehicle, it simultaneously charges the batteries that power the electric motor. As a result, drivers get the convenience of being able to fuel up as they would with a regular vehicle while still significantly improving gas mileage.

With fluctuating gas prices and Tesla’s headline-grabbing CEO in the news, Insurify’s data scientists decided to examine hybrid and electric vehicle ownership by state. Interestingly, all but three of the 10 states with the highest percentage of hybrid and electric vehicles had gas prices above the $2.94 national average as of this writing. Below are the top 10 states for hybrid and electric vehicle ownership.

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