ChicagoNow Says Thank You


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the staff of ChicagoNow wants to thank
each of you for joining our community. Without you, our early
successes would not have been possible.

Since the site launched this summer, more than 4.4 million people have
visited ChicagoNow. Together our bloggers have posted more
than 25,000 entries. Our registered users have logged more than 73,000

ChicagoNow is now home to 130 blogs, each focused on Chicago. We've
also launched a radio show. ChicagoNow Radio airs every Saturday from 9
a.m. to 1 p.m. on WGN Radio 720. You can learn more at

Because of you, ChicagoNow really is "open for discussion."

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,

The ChicagoNow Crew

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  • I have two thanks... Thanks to ChicagoNow for allowing me to write An Improvised Blog. I love doing it and I'm learning many new things. And thanks to anyone and everyone who reads it! Yay for ChicagoNOW!

  • Thank YOU, ChicagoNow! This is a fun, vibrant community with lots of great conversations.

  • Yayyy! Happy Thanksgiving :)

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