State of the site: ChicagoNow v 0.7.2

So we're now on version 0.7.2 of ChicagoNow. We've fixed some bugs, particularly with how the site displays in the much-hated IE 6. We've also added a simpler username and password you can use to access the site although you may still need to enter it multiple times to get in. You can use the old information, too, but the new one is a lot easier. Community Managers will have details...

One BIG BUG that we are working on is user sign-in through Internet Explorer (all recent versions). To put it simply: it ain't working. IE users can't sign-in to an existing account or sign-in to leave comments, although they can sign-up and create a new account. They just can't sign into it once they are signed up! We are very focused on resolving this issue and hope to have it solved in a matter of days.

Fixes in 0.7.2

  • Pagination now working on recent posts and blog homepages
  • IE 6 display significantly improved
  • Category pages no longer default to excerpt pages

Known major site issues

  • The aforementioned sign-in difficulties in IE
  • New users cannot currently upload a userpic
  • Various minor formatting issues

Please feel free to report problems to our staff email or add your comments below.

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