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ChicagoNow settles into the groove

Two days out and things are looking great here at ChicagoNow HQ. Our bloggers are doing a bang-up job, covering everything from yesterday’s crushing Blackhawks defeat to Chicago’s parking meter meltdown to Chicago’s reaction to Prop 8. Our users are also having their say on the site: a thread on Tuesday’s Cubs game has 118... Read more »

ChicagoNow and Internet Explorer 6

If you are an Internet Explorer version 6 user, you may be wondering how to sign into ChicagoNow and create a user profile so that you can join our growing community, comment, etc. There is currently a known bug on ChicagoNow that keeps IE 6 users from registering for the site. We are aware of... Read more »

Twelve hours later...

It was a big day for ChicagoNow as we held our breath this morning and took the password off the beta site. We thought the response would be good–but in truth it was better than we imagined. Even the criticism was good and will make us better. Within minutes of the password coming off, several... Read more »

We're working on it

Welcome to ChicagoNow, a network of blogs connecting passionate experts on a wide range of uniquely Chicago topics. We’re glad you’re here–even though we’re still building the site. Site developer Byrne Reese will add many features and functions in the weeks ahead, including a real homepage. (Yes, we’ll get to that mobile app, too.) This... Read more »

Introducing ChicagoNow

Today we are excited to share the beta site with you and even more excited to roll out the full site in the weeks ahead. In January, when we mapped out the site, we hoped to have five blogs on the site by the end of May. We are proud to launch with more than... Read more »

0.7.5 is now live!

Our developer, Byrne Reese, has been working hard this weekend to update the site and fix our nagging IE bugs. With a little help from our own Ryan Nagle, we’ve arrived at release 0.7.5. This release appears to address most of our IE6 and IE7 problems that were preventing users from logging in to the... Read more »

State of the site: ChicagoNow v 0.7.2

So we’re now on version 0.7.2 of ChicagoNow. We’ve fixed some bugs, particularly with how the site displays in the much-hated IE 6. We’ve also added a simpler username and password you can use to access the site although you may still need to enter it multiple times to get in. You can use the... Read more »

Now on version 0.7 of ChicagoNow

Really big update today. Not only did we release the latest version of ChicagoNow, but we also migrated our entire network to a new cluster of servers which will be our home for the forseeable future. That caused a lot of little problems during the day, but we think we’re past them now and on... Read more »

ChicagoNow 0.6.10 released

We’re updated to a new version of our website software. Most changes are built around improvements to the registration process, which should be easier and less buggy.

We've upgraded to ChicagoNow 0.6.6

We’ve installed several updates in the last couple of days. We’re now up to version 0.6.6. The latest couple rounds have primarily focused on improving the registration, sign-in, and profile creation/editing process, but we’ve also stamped out some other bugs and made improvements, including: Better identifying what blogs a post comes from Fixing some user... Read more »