Now on version 0.7 of ChicagoNow

Really big update today. Not only did we release the latest version of ChicagoNow, but we also migrated our entire network to a new cluster of servers which will be our home for the forseeable future. That caused a lot of little problems during the day, but we think we're past them now and on stable ground.

As for the latest software release, we're still focused on streamlining the registration process, particularly for IE 7 users. IE 6 is still proving to be very tricky and we're generally recommending that users who want the full ChicagoNow experience upgrade to a more modern browser like IE 7 or 8 or Firefox or even Google Chrome. You'll be a lot happier if you do, trust us!!

Other changes worth mentioning include a streamlined "Recent Posts" page for the network and some nifty error checking in the sign-up process to make it easier to enter correct information.

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  • How do we come up with these numbers? Has always puzzled me. Do we count backwards? Best.

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