Blogger Guidelines: A start

When we were looking for guidelines for ChicagoNow bloggers, I was influenced by this post from NYU professor Jay Rosen: "If Bloggers Had No Ethics Blogging Would Have Failed, But it Didn't.
So Let's Get a Clue."

As with our community guidelines, these blogger guidelines are a work in progress. Your feedback is welcome. Here it goes:

As a blogger on ChicagoNow, we expect you to do the following:

Be transparent.
Explain your possible conflicts of interest on your
About page. Make sure a conflict is clear in individual posts.

trustworthy. Be right.
When you're wrong, correct as quickly as
possible and be honest about it. Don't write misleading headlines. Give
credit where credit is due by linking, including for copyrighted images.

Use good judgment.
Even though you are an independent contractor, our
readers may think of you as a representative of the Website and your
fellow community members. Please use good judgment when
dealing with fellow readers and bloggers online and in public.

Because we want your blog to thrive here, we also hope you will do the following:

Blog frequently and intelligently. We're not going to tell you how often to post or what to write about. We trust you.
Build community.
This means moderating your comments, featuring users'
content on your blog, and interacting with users regularly and in a
timely fashion. After all, the more visitors and users you attract to your blog, the more we will pay you. (ChicagoNow bloggers are paid based on their local traffic.)

Keep us in the loop. We want
to know if you have a problem or need to bounce an idea around.

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  • ok- so maybe I am does one submit their blog or their feed?

    michael and derrick

  • Well, leaving a note on the comment board will work. We'll take a look.

  • Would love to have our blog listed here. check it out at
    Hope to hear back from you soon.
    Thanks Bill.

  • Blessed be this treat/Virgin Mary in cookie/She winks with raisins
    Defies easy category but blog is entertaining, topical, diverse, and Chicago-y. Check out video of Chicago car impound lot by searching at top for Booted!, great piece.

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