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Bears vs. Falcons: Prediction time

Hey, want to take a trip down memory lane! (Getty Images) Last year’s game in Atlanta was probably Lovie Smith’s worst coaching effort and only because of one unbelievably dumb decision. The Bears went ahead 20-19 with 11 seconds left, but instead of kicking deep Robbie Gould pooched it. Matt Ryan threw a 26-yard pass... Read more »

Bears vs. Lions: Prediction time

One win was all it took to turn Lions fans into jackasses. The following people picked Seattle to beat the Bears last Sunday: Bill80, Brad Palmer, and gravedigger. They chose…poorly. The rest of us, who are so very wise, knew the Bears would win and I’m sure remained confident when they trailed 13-0 in the... Read more »

Bears vs. Seahawks: Prediction time

The Bears last meeting with Seattle was on Nov. 18, 2007. The Seahawks won 30-23. Really? Even with Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson in the backfield? Who’d have thought. (Tribune file photo) I fully expect every Bears fan to predict a Bears victory on Sunday, what with most of us having incorrectly predicted a Steelers... Read more »