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Blog launch: Fire Lovie Smith

Three straight seasons missing the playoffs. Why does this man still have a job? We may have just launched the shortest-lived blog in ChicagoNow history. But if that’s the case, blogger Mike Burzawa will be just fine with it. Mike, who you may already know from Bears Game Day, today debuts Fire Lovie Smith, which... Read more »

Fire Lovie Smith: Good idea or bad?

(Photo by Chicago Tribune) (Photo by Chicago Tribune) After getting pummeled for the second time in three weeks, it should come as no surprise that some Bears fans want to see head coach Lovie Smith fired. David Kaplan wrote a piece today on “Kap’s Corner” saying Lovie has to go, he’s out of touch with... Read more »

Ashton Kutcher: Bears fan, ChicagoNow man

Kutcher, wife Demi Moore and fam at the Super Bowl. (AP photo) Everyone on Twitter knows that Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) was an early adopter and his nearly 4 million followers are the most of any Twitter user. So we thought it was pretty cool he sent out a tweet saying he loved a ChicagoNow post... Read more »

Bears win doesn't impress anybody

(Photo by Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune) ChicagoNow’s newest sports blogger, the astute and quite bald Mike Nadel, wrote “rarely has a team that won a game by 4 TDs left a stadium with less of a feeling of accomplishment than the Bears did Sunday.” That about sums it up. This was probably the least enjoyable... Read more »

Bears vs. Browns: Prediction Time

Sad… …and sadder. Why must the Bears beat Cleveland? Da’ Bears Blog couldn’t have said it any better: “Because if the Bears lose this week, I’ll be throwing in the towel on a season earlier than I have since 2004 and will hate the sport I love for the next three months.” I’ll take it... Read more »

Bears at Bengals: Prediction Time

In past years it would have been a little tough trying to get excited about playing Cincinnati this Sunday but three things have conspired to perhap smake this game quite memorable. A. Chad Ochocinco is insane: (Bears Game Day, No Spain, No Gain, Jay Cutler Superstar, The Rock Report) B. Cedric Benson is resurrected: (Da’ Bears Blog) C.... Read more »

Bears vs. Falcons: Prediction time

Hey, want to take a trip down memory lane! (Getty Images) Last year’s game in Atlanta was probably Lovie Smith’s worst coaching effort and only because of one unbelievably dumb decision. The Bears went ahead 20-19 with 11 seconds left, but instead of kicking deep Robbie Gould pooched it. Matt Ryan threw a 26-yard pass... Read more »

From Bills to Bears: Why Terrell Owens needs to come to Chicago

Terrell Owens (AP Photo) Despite some early success with Devin Hester and Johnny Knox, if there’s one position the Bears need to upgrade it’s at wide receiver. Enter Terrell Owens. ESPN’s Adam Schefter floated the rumor and now it’s a runaway train. This isn’t going to die until the Bears, or Buffalo Bills for that... Read more »

Bears vs. Lions: Prediction time

One win was all it took to turn Lions fans into jackasses. The following people picked Seattle to beat the Bears last Sunday: Bill80, Brad Palmer, and gravedigger. They chose…poorly. The rest of us, who are so very wise, knew the Bears would win and I’m sure remained confident when they trailed 13-0 in the... Read more »

Around ChicagoNow: Bears-Seattle recap

It’s a little hard to believe but the Bears are 2-1 and a very difficult part of their schedule is behind them. But before we get to talking about Sunday’s game against Detroit at Soldier Field, let’s enjoy this Monday. On ChicagoNow Jay Cutler Superstar: Cutler’s week 3 in soundbites and Cutler by the numbers... Read more »