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Bears vs. Falcons: Prediction time

Hey, want to take a trip down memory lane! (Getty Images) Last year’s game in Atlanta was probably Lovie Smith’s worst coaching effort and only because of one unbelievably dumb decision. The Bears went ahead 20-19 with 11 seconds left, but instead of kicking deep Robbie Gould pooched it. Matt Ryan threw a 26-yard pass... Read more »

Bears vs. Lions: Prediction time

One win was all it took to turn Lions fans into jackasses. The following people picked Seattle to beat the Bears last Sunday: Bill80, Brad Palmer, and gravedigger. They chose…poorly. The rest of us, who are so very wise, knew the Bears would win and I’m sure remained confident when they trailed 13-0 in the... Read more »

Around ChicagoNow: Bears-Seattle recap

It’s a little hard to believe but the Bears are 2-1 and a very difficult part of their schedule is behind them. But before we get to talking about Sunday’s game against Detroit at Soldier Field, let’s enjoy this Monday. On ChicagoNow Jay Cutler Superstar: Cutler’s week 3 in soundbites and Cutler by the numbers... Read more »

Bears devour Steelers, ChicagoNow eats crow

OK, I’m an idiot. But I have company. A lot of company. 17 of 26 ChicagoNow bloggers who sent their predictions in took Pittsburgh to beat the Bears. Feel free to publically flog us, but can you blame us … ah, no excuses. We were wrong and, at least in my case, caved to the... Read more »

Saying goodbye to Brian Urlacher

Remember way back around 12 hours ago when the big egg Jay Cutler laid in Green Bay was the thing everybody wanted to talk about? Yeah, well, the conversation has changed. Your options for venting are vast and furious. Da’ Bears Blog: Sad but not devastating David Kaplan on Kap’s Corner: Briggs may move to... Read more »

Packers 21, Bears 15: The roundup

UPDATE:  Urlacher likely out for the season It’s safe to say that nobody feels worse about the Bears’ 21-15 loss to Green Bay than Jay Cutler. Except thousands of Bears fans. The comments at our Bears Game Day thread got a bit hysterical, led by me I’ll admit, and over at Windy City Gridiron their... Read more »