Bears vs. Falcons: Prediction time

Hey, want to take a trip down memory lane!


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Last year's game in Atlanta was probably Lovie Smith's worst coaching effort and only because of one unbelievably dumb decision.

The Bears went ahead 20-19 with 11 seconds left, but instead of kicking deep Robbie Gould pooched it. Matt Ryan threw a 26-yard pass on first down, and then kicker Jason Elam (above) nailed a 48-yarder as time expired.

Still makes me ill. So enough with the memories, let's get to the predictions.

My prediction: Bears 22, Falcons 20.

Now it's your turn.


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  • Falcons 27, Bears 3

  • Falcons 24, Bears 17

  • Easy....Bears 26, Falcons 13

  • Atlanta 23, Bears 17
    See my blog (The Professor) for an analysis of how they match up.

  • Bears 319, Falcons 0
    Da Bears!!

    No, seriously, Bears 24 Falcons 20

  • I'm in the Professor's neighborhood: Falcons 21, Bears 17.

  • Bears 34, Falcons 31 in a shootout

  • Bears 17, Falcons 12

  • Falcons 27, Bears 24

  • Bears Win! 25 - 19 with 3 Robbie Gould field goals. Bears will also score by means of a "safety."

  • Falcons 27 Bears 14. By the way thanks for trading me to Denver. I am loving it here and we're undefeated. JMAC is a great coach and though I miss Chi-Town Denver loves me.

    Love, Kyle Orton (offensive player of the week)

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