How to use WordPress from your Tablet/Smartphone

It’s now possible to post to your ChicagoNow blog from a WordPress app on your tablet or smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded your WordPress app you will be asked to login. There are very specific needs for how you login.

- You have to login with your ChicagoNow “username.” This is NOT the same thing as your public display name. You can see your username by going into your dashboard, clicking on 'Users' and 'Your Profile'.

- You must enter the full URL to your blog home page where it ask you to "Add Self-Hosted Site." For example

- Once you login you will be asked to choose your blog.

Each of the apps for the different phones look different so I’m going to have to leave it to you to learn how to use the app properly. Like anything, it will take a bit of time but it’s very doable. If you are using an iPhone, Android or another type of phone ask your fellow bloggers in the Facebook Group if anyone can help.

This is a simple program so a lot of the functions won’t work. This is something you will be using for posts that are all text. There won’t be preview, you can’t add a featured image, photos and video uploads won’t work, can’t embed photos and only “article” posts are available.