How to create posts: Article, Link, Gallery and Video

When you're in the dashboard, look to the left rail and click on the word "Posts". Underneath it you will select "Add New".

There are four types of posts: Article, Link, Gallery and Video. Select the kind of post you want to create before starting to enter your content.

What is an "Article" post?

This is your basic post where text is the main type of content being shared. The headline goes in "Title for the article" and the content goes below that in the "Write it" area.

A "Featured Image" is only available in an "Article" post. Adding a "Featured image" will display the image at the top of your post, above your text. A thumbnail of the post will also accompany your post when it's displayed on your blog home page or if it's featured on the ChicagoNow home page.

To add a "Featured image" do the following:

1. Select "Featured Image" on the right side of the entry.
2. Select "Upload an image or choose one from your library"
3. You will see the box "Add media files from your computer". Hit "Select Files" and then select the photo you want. After you've done that, hit "Open" and the selected image will load.
4. If it successfully loads you will see an information box. If all is fine then just hit "Use as featured image" and the image will be added.
5. To add a caption and edit image hold off on hitting "Use as featured image" and select "Edit Image" under the thumbnail on the left. Select "Scale Image" and put in the dimensions you want then hit "Scale". The add your caption and hit "Use as featured image". When you're done hit he "x" in the top right corner to close the box.

Can I embed a video in an "Article" post?

Yes. To embed a video click on the "HTML" tab on the top right of the "Write it" box. This will allow you to paste in HTML. IMPORTANT: The width of the blog post is approximately 600 pixels wide, anything larger will bleed over into the right rail.

Can I embed an image in an "Article" post?

Yes, but it's a little tricky.If you try to add too many images chances are, frankly, that you will drive yourself a little nuts. So what you should do is add all your text in the post first. Then you will need a URL for any image you want to embed.

To get a URL click on "Media" on the left rail and then "Add New". Click "Select files" and upload the photo or photos you want. After it's done crunching find "File URL." If you've uploaded one photo it will be on the page. If you've uploaded more than one you will need to select "Show" to see "File URL". The information in "File URL" is what you want. Copy it.

Go to the post you're working on and, after all your text is in place, switch to the "HTML" tab. Find the spot you want to add the photo and create a space above that paragraph, so there's essentially a new paragraph created for the photo.

Click on the "img" icon just under and to the right of where it says "Write it" and paste in your URL. You'll also be prompted to add a description, this is optional and can be left blank.
When you click on "Visual" the post will then look like this:

It's not hard to screw things up so I strongly suggest you don't embed images close to one another. Spread them out throughout the post.

You can easily increase or decrease the size of the image after you've pasted it in by selecting the image and grabbing a corner to make it bigger or smaller.

The function to have text wrap around the image isn't working not. However, we're exploring how to make embedding images easier and more functional. For now, this is the available option. And, of course, there's the Gallery option which I'll get to below.

What is a "Link" post?

Use this when the purpose of the post is to share a link. The headline of the post will be "clickable" and will take the reader away from your blog.

What is a "Gallery" post?

This is the post to use when sharing photos is the main purpose of the post, or if you have multiple photos accompanying a post. Here's how to add an image:

1. Select "Add New" under Posts

2. Select "Gallery"

3. Select "Upload an image or choose one from your library"

4. Select "Select Files" and upload images. You should be able to select multiple images at once by holding down the "Ctrl" on a PC or Apple button on a Mac.

5. After "Crunching" ends, select "Add all to gallery." After the images appear in the background, hit the "x" in the upper righthand corner to have the uploading page go away.

6. If you have no captions to add, make you have a title and any content added then hit "Publish" and you're all done.

7. To add a caption select the "Edit" button to the right of the thumbnail. A box will appear under the word "Caption." Type in the caption then hit "Save." Repeat for each image as desired.

8. If you'd like to change the order of the photos just move your cursor over the image in the gallery and drag it to the spot in the order you want it.

9. Publish

What is a "Video" post?

A video post will allow you to share a video from YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion simply by pasting the link into the entry where it says "The URL for the Video". It will bring in a thumbnail and a headline and will embed the video with the correct size.

Important: Do not use shortened URLs from YouTube or Vimeo. You must use the full and original URL.

There's also an area called "Write about the video" for you to add text.