How to create a "Video" photo gallery

You can create a photo gallery that, instead of photos, has all videos. So if you want to share “10 best videos of the Russian Meteor” or “18 newscasters who used the “F” word on live TV” this is an awesome way to do it. Please look at Julie “Hammervision” Hammerle’s post on “6 Best TV Kisses of All Time” to see it expertly done.

Here’s how:

First thing to know, the caption area of a photo uploaded to a gallery accepts HTML for YouTube videos. So what you'll be doing is uploading a tiny, practically invisible image and allowing the video to be the dominant part. Download this small image

- Upload your "small image" to a gallery post as often as you need it. For example, Julie had six videos so she had six images.

- Go to YouTube and get the embed code for the videos you want to use. REMEMBER TO NEVER ADD VIDEOS WIDER THAN 500 px. Anything bigger than that may bleed off the page.

- In the caption area of each image, paste in the embed code. You CAN add regular text after the embed code that will serve as a typical caption. To create spaces between paragraphs, use <br><br>

- When you're done, save and add each post to the gallery.