How to create a photo gallery

To start creating a slideshow or "Gallery" post go into your Dashboard and select "Add New" in the "Post" area. The text editor in a "Gallery" post is now the same as the "Article" post so you can add videos and other images here. HOWEVER, remember that if your post is all about your gallery photos you want to limit the content in the "Write It" area.

An important note: An image uploaded to your Media Library can only be related to one gallery. So if you want to use an image in two or more galleries you'll have to upload it each time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you upload images directly from your camera they will almost certainly have a very long load time and may make it impossible to see your photos. It is very easy to reduce the size of your images in WordPress. Read here how to do it.

OK, here's how to create a slideshow:

1. Select the "Gallery" option.

2. Select "Add or edit images in this gallery"

3. Select either "Upload Files" or "Media Library" tab. Remember, only images that are not already attached to a gallery will be available in your Media Library.

We'll proceed with the instructions as if you've selected the "Upload Files" option.

4. Select the "Select Files" button. This will take you to your computer and allow you to find the images you want to upload. You CAN upload multiple images at once.

5. After the files upload, an "Add to Gallery" page will appear. The images you just uploaded will be visible as a thumbnail. To prepare the images to be added select the image so that a check mark appears in the upper right-hand corner of the thumbnail. It will look like this:

6. To add a caption to the image first click on the photo thumbnail. On the right side of the page you will see it says "Attachment Details" in a shaded area. The ONLY area you need to worry about is the "Caption" area.

This area does accept HTML so you can include links or YouTube embed code. It's not possible to upload a video only, however you can get around this by uploading a miniscule image and then adding video embed code to the caption area so the only real visible part is the video.

7. When you've added all the captions you want and have all the images with a "check mark" in the upper right-hand corner, select "Add to gallery" in the lower right-hand corner under the shaded "Attachment Details" section.

8. You will then be taken to an "Edit Gallery" area with all the images you have added. You can move them around by dragging the image and simply moving it to another area on the page. If you've added the image by mistake, move your cursor ove the image to reveal an "x" in the corner of the image and select it. This will remove the image from your gallery.

There is also a "reverse order" button that will simply reverse the exact order of all your uploaded images in the gallery, useful for galleries with a lot of images.

9. When you're ready, select "Save and close" in the bottom right of the page.

10. IMPORTANT: The images will NOT be visible to you at this moment so don't think you did something wrong. If you need to do any more work on the images, either adding or deleting or editing captions, select "Add or edit images in this gallery" to see all your work.

To edit a caption, select an image and review the "Caption" area. Always hit "save and close" for the changes to go through.

11. If you do nothing the gallery will be placed at the bottom of all your text. If you would like to place some text after your photo gallery, write OPENBRACKETplacegalleryCLOSEDBRACKET above the text you want to come after the gallery. (NOTE: You can add it to the "Visual" tab or the "Text" tab. Either works.) Those are not parentheses marks, they're brackets. So it's OPENBRACKETplacegalleryCLOSEDBRACKET. I can't write it here or it will introduce a gallery, ironically enough.

It will look like this:


12. Either select "Save Draft" or if you're ready to go live select the "Publish" button. You MUST select one of those before closing out or you will lose your work.