How to add Google Analytics to your blog

Preface: You must have a gmail account before starting. Create that and then begin the process.

1. Go to

2. On the right side find where it says "Sign in" then under that select "Google Analytics."

3. Click on "Sign Up" on the right side under 'Start using Google Analytics."

4. You should be at "New Account" now. Where it says Website URL paste in your blog home page. For example, Also fill out Account name and time zone.

5. Select "Get Tracking ID."

6. Agree to the terms of service and you're set up.


Once you've completed the above steps you can view your analytics from the page. Click here to see how view your numbers and track your referrals.

You can also see your analytics from your WordPress dashboard. Here's how to set it up so you can do that.

1. Make sure you are logged in to gmail using the same account you use for Google Analytics.

2. Go to your WordPress dashboard.

3. On the left side of your WordPress dashboard, select "Google Analytics."

4. You will now be on a page called "Google Analytics Settings." On this page, select "Authorize Plugin."

5. Find where it says "Use this link to get your access code: Get Access Code" and select "Get Access Code." (YOU WILL NEED TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE SHORTLY)

6. You will go to a page that says "Google Analytics Dashboard for WP would like to: View your Google Analytics data". When you are there, select "Allow."

7. At this point an "Access Code" will be provided. Copy the entire access code (it will be 30 or more characters long) and return to the "Google Analytics Settings page where it said "Get Access Code.

8. Paste in your "Access Code" in the proper box and select "Save Access Code."

9. It should say "Plugin Authorization Succeeded" at the top of the page. YOU ARE NOT YET DONE WITH THIS PAGE.

10. If you have only one site using Google Analytics then you can select "Save Changes" and move to the next step. If you have more than one site using Google Analytics you will need to make sure the correct one is being viewed on the "Google Analytics Settings" page. In the "Select View" bar makes sure your blog URL is visible and below that the "View name" and "Default URL" will show your blog URL. See below:

View Name: (Whatever it says here is fine)
Tracking ID: UA-xxxxxxxx-x (Your tracking ID will be here)
Default URL:

11. After confirming the information is correct, select "Save Changes."

12. To view your traffic select "Dashboard" and adjust the settings as needed.