How to add Google Analytics to your blog

Preface: You must have a gmail account before starting. Create that and then begin the process.

1. Under the left side of the Dashboard select "Settings" and then "Settings" again.

2. in the main content area you'll now see the "Settings" page. At the bottom it says "Google Analytics UA Code." You will need to get the UA Code which will look like this "UA-XXXXXXXX-X"

3. Under the empty rectangle box it says "Sign up for Google Analytics here." Click on that and when you get to the "Analytics" page sign in.

4. You are now on the "Account overview" page. At the bottom it says "Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen." Click on that.

5. Under "My products" on the right side click on "Analytics."

6. In the top right it says "My Analytics Account" click on "Create New Account."

7. Lower left it will say "Sign Up for Google Analytics." Click on "Sign Up."

8. You should be at "Analytics: New Account Signup." Where it says Website's URL paste in your blog home page. For example, Also fill out Account name and Time zone. Select "Continue."

9. Add in your name and select your country. Select "Continue."

10. Check that you agree to terms and conditions and select "Create New Account."

11. In the area where it says "Paste this code on your site" you will see your UA code. It will begin "UA" and then have a dash followed by eight digits, a dash and then one more digit. For example, UA-25910616-1. Highlight that UA code then select "Save and Finish at the bottom left.

12. Go back to your Wordpress dashboard and paste in the UA code next to where it says "Google Analytics UA Code." Select "Save Changes."

13. You're now done. It will take a little time to start providing analytics.

14. Click on the name of the blog under "Accounts" and select "View report" to start reading your report.