Adding right rail features

Under "Appearances" select "Widgets" and you will find a page of "Available Widgets." Anything we've put there will be available to you but we will be updating continually so expect changes. To turn a widget live just drag it over to the area under "Sidebar Layout." As soon as it's there it will be live on your blog.

Listed below are the 11 widgets currently at your disposal. It explains what they do, how best to use them, common mistakes when using them and whether or not we think it’s useful.

To access your right rail widgets go to “Appearance  Widgets” on your WordPress dashboard.

About The Blogger: Also known as "Meet The Blogger," this information comes from the user profile of the author who has written the most posts on your blog.
Our suggestion: Highly recommended.

Text: This is a blank widget for which you can put any text or HTML including polls, video and links. It's incredibly useful, but because it involves HTML it's easy to make mistakes.
Our suggestion: Highly recommended but again be leery of HTML errors.

Subscribe by Email: Allows readers to subscribe using an email address.
Our suggestion: Highly recommended.

Facebook Like Box: Will share a "like" box for your FB Fan Page allowing readers to easily like your fan page. You must share the entire URL for your fan page, for example: Common mistake I see is putting your personal FB profile page in this space. That will not work, the space will show some awful looking characters but mostly be empty.
Our suggestion: Highly recommended.

Tweets: A widget for your Twitter account, will show your most recent tweets. For this to work use your username WITHOUT the @ sign in front of it.
This is wrong: @ChicagoNow
This is right: ChicagoNow
Our suggestion: Highly recommended.

Adsense: Space for Google AdSense unit. As we've documented, AdSense changed a little over a year ago and new blogs can't connect their CN blogs to AdSense. However, if you have a working AdSense account you can place a unit here. Go to this link to see how it works.
Our suggestion: Absolutely use this if it works, but if it doesn't work or your account has been deactivated so ads aren't being seen be sure to take it off.

Recent Posts: Will share headlines and links to your 5 most recent posts
Our suggestion: Recommended.

Blog Categories: A listing of all the categories you have created.
Our suggestion: Feel free to use but not highly recommended.

Blog Tags: A listing of all the tags you have created.
Our suggestion: Feel free to use but not highly recommended.

Monthly Archive Listing: Will share links to all your old posts organized by the month they were posted.
Our suggestion: Recommended.

Recent Comments: The most recent comments from readers will appear on your right rail, with links to the comment. Only for people who use the ChicagoNow commenting system.
Our suggestion: Recommended BUT if you have switched to FB Comments, this will not share most recent comments and you should take it off your right rail.