How can I embed video in a post?

The first thing you have to do is obtain the HTML from the video source. Each video source, whether it's YouTube, Vimeo or another, will have an "Embed" button. You must locate this code and copy it in its entirety. Below is a YouTube "embed" area.

1. Select "share"
2. Select "embed"
3. Pick the size you want. For ChicagoNow, put in "500" width in the Custom box and it will give you the optimal size.
4. Copy the entire HTML code.
5. Go to your Dashboard and in an "article" post click on the "TEXT" tab on the top right of the "Write it" box. This will allow you to paste in HTML. This can only be done in an "article" post and isn't available in "gallery" or "link" posts.


You also have the option to use the "video" post if you're sharing a YouTube or Vimeo video. Read the "How to create a post" page for information on how to create a "video" post.

IMPORTANT: The width of the blog post is approximately 500 pixels wide, anything larger will bleed over into the right rail.