How to embed an image in a "Gallery" post

We have updated the method by which we embed images. To learn how to embed an image in an "Article" or "Video" post click here.

Below you can learn how to embed an image into a "Gallery" post or a "page." First, add all your text in the post. Then you will need a URL for any image you want to embed.

To get a URL click on "Media" on the left rail and then "Add New." Click "Select files" and upload the photo or photos you want. After it's done crunching find "File URL." If you've uploaded one photo it will be on the page. If you've uploaded more than one you will need to select "Show" to see "File URL." The information in "File URL" is what you want. Copy it.

Go to the post you're working on and, after all your text is in place, switch to the "HTML" tab. Find the spot you want to add the photo and create a space above that paragraph, so there's essentially a new paragraph created for the photo.

Click on the "img" icon just under and to the right of where it says "Write it" and paste in your URL. You'll also be prompted to add a description, this is optional and can be left blank.

I suggest you don't embed images close to one another. Spread them out throughout the post.

You can easily increase or decrease the size of the image after you've pasted it in by selecting the image and grabbing a corner to make it bigger or smaller.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's possible to simply copy an image from your desktop or wherever you're hosting it and paste it into your post. However, please DO NOT do this. This has the potential to do much damage to your blog and to our servers if the images are too big. Also, be careful not to embed images hosted by other servers, this isn't a good practice. It takes bandwidth from other servers and they can change the image whenever they want at any time.