How to embed an image in an “Article” post and a “Video” post

Embedding images in WordPress is now much easier. You will now be able to do the following:

- Easily add captions
- Direct an image to the left or right of the post. It's not possible to center images.
- Have the text in your post wrap around your embedded image

To get started open a new post and select either "Article" or "Video. The old system of embedding an image can be used to add an image to the text area of a "Gallery" post.

It's best if you add in all the text for your article before adding in embedded images. When you're ready, follow these instructions for adding individual images.

1. Place your cursor in the spot where you want your image to go. Typically, it should go directly in front of a paragraph.

2. Click on the "Add Media" button located just above the "Write it" on the right side

3. You will be directed to the "Insert Media" area that has two tabs: Upload Files and Media Library. Upload Files is to add new images, Media Library is to add previously uploaded images.

4. To upload a new file click "Select Files" in the middle of the page and find the image you want to upload. It will then be added to your Media Library.

5. On the right side you will see a shaded area that says "Attachment Details." You will see the following options...

Title: It is NOT necessary to change the title of the image.
Caption: Put your caption goes and where you can give photo credit, if necessary.
Alt text: Not relevant.
Description: Not relevant.

hires-giftbox6. In this some shaded area you will see "Attachment Display Settings"

Alignment: Use left, right or center to place your image
Link to: "Media file" IMPORTANT: If you want readers to be able to click on your image and get a larger image, make sure it's set to "Media file" (Click on the ChicagoNow logo to see how this works.)
Size: You can set it to Thumbnail size (150x150), Medium (300x225) or Full Size (the originzl size of your image)

The maximum width you want for a blog post is approximately 550px. Anything larger will cause portions of the image to not be visible. See further down for information on how to get different sizes than the ones listed above for your images.

7. At this point you have the images uploaded and the sizes are correct. Under the "Attachment Display Settings" area select "Insert into post"


Many of you upload images straight from your camera at full size, which can result in slow uploads. You should consider reducing the size of your photos before uploading to WordPress.

However, you CAN edit an image within WordPress. Here's how...

- Under "Attachment Details" you will see "Edit Image." Select it.
- On the right side of the page find where it says "Scale Image" and select it. A box will be revealed that says this: "You can proportionally scale the original image. For best results the scaling should be done before performing any other operations on it like crop, rotate, etc. Note that if you make the image larger it may become fuzzy."
- You will see where it says "Original dimensions" followed by the dimension numbers. Below that will be two boxes with those numbers and the word "Scale" to the right of it.
- Update the number on the left (the width) to no more than 500 pixels. The height will be adjusted accordingly by the program. The select "scale" to activate.
- On the far right find the blue "Update" button and select it.
- You can then close that web page and return to the insert page to add to your post.