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Cubs trophy tour helps you forget Trump tweets

  We were in line about 90 minutes Friday afternoon to stand next to the Chicago Cubs World Series Commissioner’s Trophy. I wiped politics from my mind. Baseball was in the 60 degree air in Omaha, Nebraska. Governor Pete Ricketts hosted the Trophy Tour stop at Westside High School, and politics were nowhere to be found. No... Read more »

It happened: What now?

The bar at the Billy Goat tavern was as good a place as any to end a memorable 2016. As one of the many forgettable college football bowl games played in the background over the constant buzz of chatter, this conversation might have taken place anytime in the last month. Turk: “I still can’t believe... Read more »

Mr. Trump has a problem

Mr. Trump has a problem. Donald Trump’s most recent problem came in South Carolina. He appeared to mock a news reporter’s disability. Some say Trump’s largest problem is with women, as he is far from being a Bush “compassionate conservative.” His positions on immigration make this clear. My liberal friends, of course, use words like... Read more »

September political and baseball desperation

September is a hot and cold, desperate month. We come out of the long Labor Day weekend with kids back at school, candidates hoping to make a move, and baseball players and managers either fighting for a post-season spot or waiting until next year. So it is in 2015. The recent GOP presidential debate on... Read more »

Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne "took on the big boys and won"

Mayoral candidate Jane Byrne was at the corner of State and Madison campaigning the day after Thanksgiving 1978 when I first met her. I was there to do the traditional shopping story for my college radio station, WPGU-FM in Urbana-Champaign. She, of course, was shaking every hand that would accept in search of votes. Our... Read more »

Warren Buffett’s son and grandson fight the politics of hunger

Warren Buffett told his oldest son Howard G. Buffett to “take some real risks” in philanthropy. “Don’t worry about swinging at the safe pitches.” It was not always easy growing up as a son of one of the world’s wealthiest men. Yet, being Warren Buffett’s son also has had its advantages. “By observing him, I... Read more »

The politics of Chicago’s poor and homeless

After two weeks in downtown Chicago, I recently left the city with a lingering feeling of helplessness about the homeless. The number of poor begging for help with cups extended has grown dramatically since I walked River North to and from work in the early 1980s. I want leaders – from Mayor Rahm Emanuel to... Read more »

Vote Early ... Really, Really Early

Vote Early ... Really, Really Early
This 2012 Presidential Election is the first time I participated in Illinois’ early voting. I have to say it was one of the most pleasant in-person voting experiences I ever had, since moving from my Southwest Side of Chicago childhood home to where I live now in the Southwest Suburbs. I say ‘in-person’ because I... Read more »

My Unofficial Vote for Chicago Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

I lived on the Southwest Side of Chicago for most of my life, specifically in the Gage Park neighborhood.  As a reference, Gage Park is bordered by Marquette Park on the South, where the Nazi Party hosted its rallies in the 1970s, and Brighton Park on the North, where the late Pope John Paul II... Read more »

Chicago's political corruption 'Hall of Shame'

There’s a lesson here. A couple really. If a story includes bribery, zoning and a Chicago alderman, chances are its not news. But in this case, former Chicago Ald. Ike Carothers should have learned something from dad, especially if dad were convicted for doing pretty much the same thing decades ago. It’s only fitting that... Read more »