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The politics of Chicago’s poor and homeless

After two weeks in downtown Chicago, I recently left the city with a lingering feeling of helplessness about the homeless. The number of poor begging for help with cups extended has grown dramatically since I walked River North to and from work in the early 1980s. I want leaders – from Mayor Rahm Emanuel to... Read more »

Vote Early ... Really, Really Early

Vote Early ... Really, Really Early
This 2012 Presidential Election is the first time I participated in Illinois’ early voting. I have to say it was one of the most pleasant in-person voting experiences I ever had, since moving from my Southwest Side of Chicago childhood home to where I live now in the Southwest Suburbs. I say ‘in-person’ because I... Read more »

Obama's 2011 budget a setback for White House open government initiatives

UPDATE 11:14 am – Thanks for folks on the NICAR listserv, some data is here. They have that new book smell. Today was set to be a glorious day for CAR and data geeks around the country as President Obama unveils his $3.8 trillion 2011 budget. But the buzzkill has set in. While some folks... Read more »

Gitmo detainees headed to Thomson, answering Flora's prayers

Prisons have been a big business in Illinois since the 80s. In fact, as downstate economies depressed following passage of the Clean Air Act that decimated Illinois’ coal industry, towns turned to…you guessed it, prisons as engines of economic sustainability recovery. It’s a little late, but as the Barbed Wire Choir of Flora asked in... Read more »

Obama pardons a turkey

Share Obama pardoned his first turkey in the White House this morning, and no it wasn’t George W. As is part of presidential tradition, President Obama spared one lucky turkey from being feasted upon this Thanksgiving.

Top Ten reasons Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

The exact requirements and process for selecting a Nobel Peace Prize laureate can be vague and secretive. But we think we’ve cracked the code for 2009 winner and favorite Chicago president of all time Barack Obama. Way to go B! 10. He wanted to make The Onion write a correction. 9. He likes Europe and... Read more »

Obama Nobel Peace Prize: A surprise, Olympic-size consolation prize

Cheers, Mr. President Barack Obama couldn’t convince the IOC to award Chicago the 2016 Olympics but somehow managed to sway the Nobel Committee to declare our freshman president deserving of the most distinguished peace prize in the world. Wow. After catching the news on my Blackberry, and my breath, I popped out of bed to... Read more »

Obama money: Rush Limbaugh moves the Google needle

This was so much easier when we were writing the rules Rush Limbaugh doesn’t just control conservative talk radio, he’s moving mountains of online traffic with a YouTube clip of women in Detroit who say they are waiting for “Obama Money.” Social media is only going to continue playing a critical role in politics and... Read more »

Obama "jackass" video

Dear Mr. President, Next time maybe don’t assume you’re off the record, after you say something. Rules of the Game dictate you’re supposed to clear that up before the conversation starts.

Obama gets heckled, are fist fights next?

UPDATED 12:28 p.m. CST with Wilson’s campaign site, .gov site is still downUPDATED 10:41 p.m. CST with Wilson’s apology Obama can’t even address Congress without getting heckled. Talk about losing control of the message. During tonight’s speech before a joint session of Congress, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelled “You lie!” at the president. Watch for... Read more »