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It happened: What now?

The bar at the Billy Goat tavern was as good a place as any to end a memorable 2016. As one of the many forgettable college football bowl games played in the background over the constant buzz of chatter, this conversation might have taken place anytime in the last month. Turk: “I still can’t believe... Read more »

Cubs fans never were 'long-suffering'

Please stop with the “long-suffering” pity. Cubs fans shared disappointments, but we were never lost. From our first seconds as kids at Wrigley Field to the most recent warm, summer afternoons Chicago Cubs fans always remained loyal and optimistic. “Wait ’til next year” reflected our joy. We bonded with parents, friends, children and others in... Read more »

Ten Chicago views to help you forget our awful politics

From Illinois budget fatigue to #Brexit and Donald Trump, now is a great time to forget our political troubles and enjoy some new perspectives on foot in Chicago. 10. Join Pedro Strop at Wrigley Field, and remember to tilt your #HatsToTheLeft. 9. See the Cubs through the eyes of a first-time fan. 8. To put... Read more »

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel scores Riverwalk win

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel must understand that Riverwalk progress is good politics. On one of the first warm June mornings Wednesday, I found people, pets and future business. West of the Magnificent Mile and at the north end of the Loop, Chicago long has needed new development. The full dream of Marina City more than... Read more »

#LETSGO Cubs, Rahm and Chicago

The #LETSGO Cubs hashtag may read a bit too honest for modern public relations, as in: “The aging baby boomer ‘LETS GO’ of his dream of a Cubs World Series.” The opening night fiasco did, however, highlight urgency of a different kind. The Cubs slick Facebook movie, of course, avoided the bathroom problem that others... Read more »

'Mr. Chicago' Cubs baseball legend Ernie Banks defined grace

The Sports Illustrated cover story on “Mr. Cub” and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s “Mr. Chicago” title fall short of the essence of why Ernie Banks was important. Yes, number 14 “was — and remains — the heart and soul of the Wrigley faithful,” as SI put it. Yes, the 512 homeruns, including 47 in 1958, were... Read more »

Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne "took on the big boys and won"

Mayoral candidate Jane Byrne was at the corner of State and Madison campaigning the day after Thanksgiving 1978 when I first met her. I was there to do the traditional shopping story for my college radio station, WPGU-FM in Urbana-Champaign. She, of course, was shaking every hand that would accept in search of votes. Our... Read more »

Chicago hosted a world-class social media spectacle

The Discovery Channel Nik Wallenda skywalk at Marina City not only created a downtown Chicago and cable television buzz. It also lit up Twitter. Among the trending hashtags in Chicago were #WallendaWalk, #NikWallenda and #skyscrapperlive (sic). In the more than 90 minutes of anticipation leading up to the first walk, some grew tired watching multiple... Read more »

Nik Wallenda and the daredevil in all of us

In a few hours, “daredevil” Nik Wallenda performs his high wire Discovery television act over the Chicago River. He has said the tall buildings do not “freak” or “stress” him. He is instead “excited” to fulfill a dream. Crowds will look up and on TV – attracted by the danger. Discovery, we are told, will... Read more »

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wins with education goals

Rahm Emanuel’s summer reading goal, 2.4 million books read by Chicago’s kids, might seem like a PR stunt for TV, but the mayor continues to send important themes to educators, business leaders and the world. More than 83,000 students read 2.7 million books. Mayor Emanuel’s challenge in June with Jimmy Fallon is another win, and... Read more »