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Today's top ChicagoBreakingNews stories

One of my favorite sites on the whole interwebs is ChicagoBreakingNews. After talking with Dan Haar, the chief of the tremendous breaking news /rewrite staffers that make that baby hum, he thought it might be fun to condense the days breaking news into a nice, neat little recap so you knew what the best stories... Read more »

Jim B., the man who elected himself mayor of Chicago City Hall

How long before Daley takes back his city? This is definitely not politics as usual. The old way of getting yourself elected meant years of hard work, compromise and most importantly sacrifice (and possibly a family dynasty) to rule the Second City.  But New York-based Foursquare has changed all that, swooping into town giving average... Read more »

Chicago's political corruption 'Hall of Shame'

There’s a lesson here. A couple really. If a story includes bribery, zoning and a Chicago alderman, chances are its not news. But in this case, former Chicago Ald. Ike Carothers should have learned something from dad, especially if dad were convicted for doing pretty much the same thing decades ago. It’s only fitting that... Read more »

Obama's 2011 budget a setback for White House open government initiatives

UPDATE 11:14 am – Thanks for folks on the NICAR listserv, some data is here. They have that new book smell. Today was set to be a glorious day for CAR and data geeks around the country as President Obama unveils his $3.8 trillion 2011 budget. But the buzzkill has set in. While some folks... Read more »

State of the Union: CNN's relies on Twitter for "analysis" of Obama's speech

We love graphics, even this one, though it doesn’t tell us much. Here at ChicagoNow, we don’t have fancy multitouch 50-inch LED screens (yes, John King, I’m jealous). But we did watch President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Before I chime in with my reasoned analysis (I have none, since there is too much... Read more »

World's deadliest earthquakes of the last 20 years

As news continues to come out of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, estimates on the death toll continue to rise. The most recent estimates reach 200,000 as the humanitarian relief efforts address the rapidly deteriorating situation for survivors. If the death toll continues to rise, Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake could be the deadliest of the last 20 years, surpassing... Read more »

Chicago loses a heavyweight: Reporter Carlos Hernandez Gomez, 1973-2010

Chicago journalism has lost a part of what it is with the passing of Carlos Hernandez Gomez. While many outside of journalism may not have known his name, his reputation and work were widely respected within the industry and whether Chicagoland knows it or not, it owes much to him both for grilling politicos and... Read more »

25 worst jobs to have in 2010

Share At this point in the recession it’s probably safe to say any job is a good job, but according to a study conducted by job search portal CareerCast, in order to identify the best, you have to also determine which are the worst. The bottom 25 are quite surprising and their methodology makes me... Read more »

What you read last year: Chicago's most circulated library books of 2009

Chicagoans love to read. We love books, real ones. So much so that we made 2009 a second record-setting year for circulation with 9.2 million items checked out in the first 11 months of the year, according to Chicago Public Library spokeswoman Ruth Lednicer. So what are we reading? You may be surprised to find... Read more »