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Old men, Chicago Cubs baseball and World Series politics

Old men. I felt like one this year. The Chicago Cubs unexpected ride to within four games of the World Series turned me into my dad. Blame it on the politics of being a Cubs baseball fan – a combination of pessimism, healthy skepticism and hope.   I was too pessimistic in April while making... Read more »

Chicago's great airports and a snow storm

O’Hare and Midway typically offer air travelers exceptional service — except when snow piles up over many hours. O’Hare was forced to cancel hundreds of flights on New Year’s Day, and Midway struggled to keep planes coming and going. By the second day of the worst storm since last year, holiday travelers faced delays of... Read more »

Chicago is not the Second City, it's the first

Chicago should lose the Second City title and re-brand itself America’s City. Let’s set aside the legacy of New York and be bold. While it is true that New York has Broadway and Times Square, much of what made it great faded with the last century. By contrast, Chicago embraces the future. Chicago Ideas Week,... Read more »

Your Final Four basketball team, My March Madness

It’s hard to believe that just two weekends ago, I was high above the corner of the court at the United Center, as the Buckeyes won the Big Ten automatic bid to the Big Dance. The NCAA tournament is about basketball, but it’s also about our larger survival of the sometimes-harsh Midwestern winters. The team... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day at the Chicago River

Sunrise. At 26 floors above the Chicago River, you wouldn’t think it would be so easy to hear drunks. My Saturday morning wake-up call from the comfort of our kids’ Marina City apartment was a very loud hooting from below. I need to admit that I can count the times in my life I’ve been drunk... Read more »

Vote Early ... Really, Really Early

Vote Early ... Really, Really Early
This 2012 Presidential Election is the first time I participated in Illinois’ early voting. I have to say it was one of the most pleasant in-person voting experiences I ever had, since moving from my Southwest Side of Chicago childhood home to where I live now in the Southwest Suburbs. I say ‘in-person’ because I... Read more »

The Ugliest Holiday (from The Layne Brain)

Like the blooming of jonquils, the reappearance of robins, and looming NFL player disputes, the emergence of pastel fashions, kaleidoscopic eggs, and a giant white rabbit who delivers candy to already sugar dependent kids can only mean one thing – Easter is on its way. I confess – Easter is my least favorite holiday. In... Read more »

Japan Braces as New Threat Looms (from TheLayneBrain)

Scant weeks since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility was slammed by a mammoth tsunami resulting in a deadly release of radiation, Japan now nervously awaits an even more ominous peril which could threaten the very existence of the beleaguered island nation. In what Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano regards as “a likely realization of Japan’s... Read more »

Libyan Madman Detained in US (from TheLayneBrain)

New York - In a shocking revelation, the New York Times reports that beleaguered Libyan strongman, Moammar Gadhafi, is not only living comfortably in the US, but served as 55th governor of New York from 2008 to 2010.  In addition to charges of obstruction of justice, illegally acquiring World Series tickets, and his alleged involvement in... Read more »

The Layne Brain - Daylight Savings (and Other Lies)

It is time once again to participate in that semiannual fraud in which we, the well educated, reasonably intelligent citizens of the United States, run through our homes changing 214 of our 215 clocks, struggling to recall how to reset our digital watches, all to delude ourselves into believing by merely advancing the hands of time by... Read more »