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Blago just another Cubs fan

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is reported to be watching the Chicago Cubs playoff run from behind bars. He was known for taking in Cubs games while in office. The news comes from a Channel 5 report of a letter from Blago to his daughter Amy. He is said to have “a lifelong dream of... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel is a great salesman for Chicago

I give a lot of credit to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for placing education and job training among his top priorities and understanding that companies will come where they can find an educated workforce. “I believe what adults should do is build for the next generation,” Emanuel told my friend Charlie Meyerson in an exclusive... Read more »

What if Mayor Emanuel were a super hero?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel offered assistance to a Milwaukee Avenue bicyclist last week after a truck bumped into her while she was riding in a bike lane. This generated some interesting headlines: • Rahm Emanuel Isn’t Just a Mayor, He’s A Super Hero! – K-Hits 104.3 • Rahm Emanuel: Super Hero. – The Chainlink •... Read more »

Lohan to Serve Time (from TheLayneBrain)

During her plea hearing over a felony theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace from a Venice jewelry store, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz said he will personally see to it that scofflaw Lindsay Lohan serves time – as a US Congresswoman. “Miss Lohan’s utter disregard for the law, coupled with her antisocial,... Read more »

Chicago's political corruption 'Hall of Shame'

There’s a lesson here. A couple really. If a story includes bribery, zoning and a Chicago alderman, chances are its not news. But in this case, former Chicago Ald. Ike Carothers should have learned something from dad, especially if dad were convicted for doing pretty much the same thing decades ago. It’s only fitting that... Read more »

Derrion Albert: Senseless murder, global outrage and the search for the uncut video

Yesterday, a young man from Chicago made world headlines. Not for his business acumen or athletic prowess. Derrion Albert was in the news because he was killed in the most public way, during a street fight on the South Side near Fenger High School. The world reacted because they watched his senseless murder. As the... Read more »