September political and baseball desperation

September is a hot and cold, desperate month. We come out of the long Labor Day weekend with kids back at school, candidates hoping to make a move, and baseball players and managers either fighting for a post-season spot or waiting until next year. So it is in 2015.

The recent GOP presidential debate on CNN exposed many candidate flaws -- from bigotry and hate to difficulty telling the truth. Pundits wondered if this was the end of the Donald Trump rise in the polls, the beginning of the end for the Jeb Bush campaign, or something else. Whatever the case, desperation is in the air.

GOP Dabte

Desperation also explains the look in the eyes of veteran players and managers fighting for the chance to play in the October playoffs. Over the weekend, the young Chicago Cubs began to test whether or not the St. Louis Cardinals are still king of the NL Central. In two games, the Cubs looked like young warriors, but the final game of the series Sunday showed Humpty Dumpty with a wobble not a fall.

Sure as the seasons change from fall to winter, one baseball team will emerge from each league and to the World Series. One champion will be crowned. Others will look to next year.


In politics, the survivors will learn their fate in New Hampshire, Iowa and other early 2016 primaries. In the dead of winter, survival is the name of the game. For Hillary Clinton, there is no next time. Simply desperation. She must win in 2016 or likely fade from the scene. It is hard to see a path to the nomination for any other Democrat, Bernie Sanders included.

For Republicans, the current chaos must lead to a viable challenger, but it remains a bit of a wild card. As September fades to cool October days, most of us simply are desperate for a great World Series and a slice of pumpkin pie as thick as Joe Maddon's glasses.

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