Would Chicago vote for Trump over Clinton?

Donald Trump continues to confound political pundits, and this leads me to ask: Would Chicago vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton?

Even though Democrat Clinton was born in Park Ridge, her "terrible, crushingly bad" poll numbers make this a reasonable question. Clinton, the daughter of a store owner, campaigned for Barry Goldwater in 1964, but joined the Democrats four years later.

Clinton's eight years in the White House with Bill may help explain her poll numbers. At the same time, though, her personality tends to polarize voters. Remember the "Don't vote for Hillary Clinton" obituary?

She was not a strong candidate in 2008, when Barack Obama swept into office with a compelling narrative. From her cool relationship with the press to her emails and secrecy, Republicans are falling over each other for the chance to debate.

Enter the Donald. Trump has surged to the front of GOP polls by running as a political outsider who also runs his mouth. Trump's ego seems larger than the letters on Trump Tower.

Trump 2

A Clinton versus Trump debate would be a spectacle, but one that The Donald might win. Any candidate willing to attack John McCain's military service probably would get around to talking about Monica's dress.

This may be moot, as Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and others decide what to do about Trump's mouth.

In this political chaos, there is now talk of one more Democrat candidate -- a strong debater who helped save President Obama from defeat. It may just be that 2016 is the year for three words: President Joe Biden.

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