What if Mayor Emanuel were a super hero?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel offered assistance to a Milwaukee Avenue bicyclist last week after a truck bumped into her while she was riding in a bike lane. This generated some interesting headlines:

• Rahm Emanuel Isn’t Just a Mayor, He’s A Super Hero! – K-Hits 104.3
• Rahm Emanuel: Super Hero. – The Chainlink
• Emanuel aids bicyclist after crash on ‘hipster highway’ – Chicago Tribune

Mayor Emanuel was at Big Shoulders Coffee when he heard a loud crash, rushed to help a woman and took care of her until paramedics arrived. The story sparked discussion at Bill Savage’s page on The Chainlinlk, which is described as “a Chicago bicycling online community.”

“Mayoral photo op,” Michael J. Blane said about the story.

“The mayor ran around the corner to find a woman on a bike had been hurt in a crash, and he stayed with her until an ambulance arrived, (Spokesperson Sarah) Hamilton said,” the Tribune reported.

Not bad coverage for a mayor hammered by school closings, budget struggles and the usual Chicago politics. David Letterman will interview Mayor Emanuel Monday night, and it would be the perfect opportunity to announce his new super hero identity.

Imagine Super Rahm in a blue costume ready to fight Chicago’s nagging gun violence problems, increasing numbers of homeless and the working poor, and corruption. It may not be too late to write a cameo appearance into the Transformers 4 script. In fact, Super Rahm could appear in many of the action films frequently shot in the Loop.

This is a new revenue stream for the city. By day, he is the not-so-mild mannered mayor of the Second, er, Third City. Before morning coffee and after hours, he’s Super Rahm!

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