Chicago's political corruption 'Hall of Shame'

There's a lesson here. A couple really. If a story includes bribery, zoning and a Chicago alderman, chances are its not news. But in this case, former Chicago Ald. Ike Carothers should have learned something from dad, especially if dad were convicted for doing pretty much the same thing decades ago.

It's only fitting that while hundreds (ok, maybe thousands) of us brave the winter temps to cast ballots for our next crop of Illinois elected leaders that we take a moment to look at some of those that have come before them. Especially those Chicago aldermen who eventually spent time behind bars. And as we all know, this not-so-exclusive club isn't limited to city pols.



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  • Thanks for the great words of wisdom in Tracy's class last night. I thoroughly enjoyed all your insight and advice!

  • In reply to AlainaAfricano:

    words of wisdom? Joe, tell her she must be confused.

    It was my pleasure ;)

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