UPDATED: No Games Chicago Olympics protest ends in arrests

Olympics: Chicago 2016 protest ends in arrests

UPDATE: Following several comments on this post from readers and visitors of the photo gallery, I should clarify that according to organizers and the police who spoke with the media last night, none of the folks arrested were part of the No Games people. I regret any confusion. I was not trying to create a link or implicate the No Games people. That was clear from the stories I linked to. Martin Macias, who I know and is involved in No Games, sent me this via email about the folks who messed with the banner: "Just wanted to make it clear that they were not acting as members of No Games." I apologize for any confusion or implications readers made that the two were related. I wasn't there, just gathering this report and the pictures from folks who were. I wasn't trying to pass this off as a news report, which is why I linked to the big boys (and girls).

A protest Tuesday night in Daley Plaza against Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympics resulted in at least six arrests after some tried to mess with city workers trying to hang an Olympic banner on the Picasso statue, according to news reports.

You've got to wonder if this will have any impact at all on the bid, and if so, what. Also, with the news going on in the other host communities it's hard to handicap which city has the worst chances. CBS rolled tape tonight but has yet to post it on their site.

Olympics: Chicago 2016 protest ends in arrests

Protesters try to damage a Chicago 2016 Olympics' banner that city officials hoped to place on the Picasso statue at Daley Plaza Sept. 29, 2009

We've put together a photo gallery of the fracas, which may cost the six arrested a good bit of time in jail, both for possible battery of a cop and property damage. The "vandals" pulled down an expensive banner and damaged it with a veteran's memorial in the plaza, according to the reports. No word yet on the No Games site.


No Games protest photo rail


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  • So some anarchists who have no concept of rational thought are suddenly associated with No Games Chicago. "On what planet do you spend most of your time?" to quote Barney Frank.

    I guess, Mr. Diaz, you're trying to make this seem like a No Games Chicago action, but you don't even read the Chicago Tribune's own Chicago Breaking News blog, which you can obtain by doing what they call a Google search. You see, there is a website called Google.com. You put in words and then press enter. Here, this is what I found: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/09/olympics-banner-vandalized-6-arrested.html. If this story is to be believed, there were 6 people involved in this incident and IT WAS NOT CONNECTED WITH THE PROTEST THAT HAPPENED EARLIER. But you will not update your blog post to note the truth, because that is not the point of your blog post.

  • I just noted by looking at your link that you read the Chicago Breaking News blog posting that I mentioned. As I stated previously, the story says:

    The suspects, arrested just after 7:30 p.m., weren't believed to be a part of an anti-Olympics bid rally that took place in front of City Hall this afternoon, police said.

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