Chicago Cubs, runs, homeruns and hope

At the end of play Sunday, the Chicago Cubs have just five wins and 12 losses. I posted the NL Central standings on my Facebook wall in search of sympathy. With April showers soon giving way to green Wrigley Field ivy, the Cubs are already eight games behind the surging Milwaukee Brewers. That’s right, the... Read more »

Scalia's Chicago pizza injustice

Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia took a narrow reading of Chicago-style pizza when he called it “very tasty” but “not pizza.” To some in Chicago, this ruling might be considered defamation of our deep dish institution. In town Friday for the Union League Club of Chicago’s George Washington Birthday celebration, Scalia raised the... Read more »

Chicago's great airports and a snow storm

O’Hare and Midway typically offer air travelers exceptional service — except when snow piles up over many hours. O’Hare was forced to cancel hundreds of flights on New Year’s Day, and Midway struggled to keep planes coming and going. By the second day of the worst storm since last year, holiday travelers faced delays of... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel is a great salesman for Chicago

I give a lot of credit to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for placing education and job training among his top priorities and understanding that companies will come where they can find an educated workforce. “I believe what adults should do is build for the next generation,” Emanuel told my friend Charlie Meyerson in an exclusive... Read more »

Snow is a four-letter political word

The snowbird song “Snow Is a Four Letter Word” by Bowser and Blue captures what many politicians must be feeling this time of year. The “snowbirds” that can afford to go south and avoid snow have it right. Let’s go. Follow the birds. ‘Cause snow is a four-letter word. It started back in October in... Read more »

Pizza, politics and perspective

Three p’s – pizza, politics and perspective – separate Chicago from New York. Following the announcement that the new One World Trade Center was declared taller than “Sears, er, Willis Tower,” The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart was forced to defend his rant against Chicago-style, deep-dish pan pizza. The dispute over the WTC permanent spire lead... Read more »

Warren Buffett’s son and grandson fight the politics of hunger

Warren Buffett told his oldest son Howard G. Buffett to “take some real risks” in philanthropy. “Don’t worry about swinging at the safe pitches.” It was not always easy growing up as a son of one of the world’s wealthiest men. Yet, being Warren Buffett’s son also has had its advantages. “By observing him, I... Read more »

Chicago is not the Second City, it's the first

Chicago should lose the Second City title and re-brand itself America’s City. Let’s set aside the legacy of New York and be bold. While it is true that New York has Broadway and Times Square, much of what made it great faded with the last century. By contrast, Chicago embraces the future. Chicago Ideas Week,... Read more »

Chicago Cubs and White Sox baseball fans wait until next year

Chicago Cubs and White Sox baseball fans wait until next year
Chicago White Sox fans suffered through the 99th loss of the baseball season Sunday at U.S. Cellular Field, as a rally fell short. Sure the Sox dodged the 2012 Cubs 100-loss fate, but many questions remain. As I sat in the stands watching the Sox struggle on offense and on the mound, I thought back... Read more »

What if Mayor Emanuel were a super hero?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel offered assistance to a Milwaukee Avenue bicyclist last week after a truck bumped into her while she was riding in a bike lane. This generated some interesting headlines: • Rahm Emanuel Isn’t Just a Mayor, He’s A Super Hero! – K-Hits 104.3 • Rahm Emanuel: Super Hero. – The Chainlink •... Read more »