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On the Road launches

Please welcome our newest blogger to the site, Kirk Bell. Kirk will be writing the auto blog, On the Road. His blog will cover all things car related as they apply to Chicagoans. He brings with him a vast knowledge of the auto industry as both a writer and enthusiast. Wondering if that new Audi... Read more »

Life & Style Week in Review

New on ChicagoNowJust this morning, we welcomed Beyond the Pedway to the ChicagoNow gang. This morning, Beyond the Pedway posted a video interview with ArtistData’s founder Brenden Mulligan, and their previous video interviews with local creative professionals include an interview with SitterCity of our very own Adventures In Babysitting. Quote of the weekBy far, the... Read more »

Life & Style week in review

Please welcome…Late this week we welcomed Love In The Time of Foreclosure to ChicagoNow, a very frank and open blog by Stephanie Walker, about her and her husband’s experience with debt, foreclosure, finances and, actually, quite a bit of happiness. Fashion platesYou do know we have a fabulous new street fashion photoblog, too, yes? We... Read more »