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Blog Launch

I’d like to introduce our 151st blog to the ChicagoNow blogosphere. Please welcome small business blogger, Barry Moltz. Moltz will be lending his expertise to the blog “It’s a Small Business World.” His blog will cover all aspects of small business in hopes of not only guiding small business owners, but also helping those outside... Read more »

New blog launches

Please welcome our newest blog to the ChicagoNow community, “You Are What You Drive.” Written by Tim Healey, our newest addition is an auto blog focused on Chicago’s drivers. Healey is an expert in the field, a former editor and current free lancer, he knows the ins and outs of driving in this great city.... Read more »

Stephanie Walker on "The Story"

ChicagoNow blogger Stephanie Walker and her husband, Bob, will be featured on KUOW(94.9) NPR this morning from Seattle.   Stephanie and Bob will be talking about the wild chain of events that she writes about on her blog “Love in the Time of Foreclosure.” You can hear the streaming of the guest appearance here on NPR’s... Read more »

"Ask Dr. Jeff" launches

Please welcome our newest blog to the site, “Ask Dr. Jeff.” Dr. Jeff Weinzweig, better known as Dr. Jeff, is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon here in Chicago. He’s joined the blogosphere as a means for shedding light on common misconceptions regarding all things plastic. You can submit questions or photos for Dr. Jeff, and... Read more »

Welcome "The Windy City Rounder"

  We launched an exciting new blog today, “The Windy City Rounder,” written by Chasse Rehwinkel. I’m so happy to be bringing Chasse and his blog onto ChicagoNow. His blog brings something totally original to the Life & Style offerings.   Chasse talks the art of gaming over on ‘Rounder,’ and we’re not talking the kind of... Read more »