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Oh Only in Chicago

What would make one interested in Chicago?The architecture, the food, the people? There are so many things that characterize a city, but so few that are strictly linked to it.Chicago, everyone knows it’s the Windy City, what is there other than that? The architecture is surely impressive and is worthy being seen. One of the... Read more »

Are you broke in Chicago?

Hello everyone!  My name is Nichole, and I just graduated from school with my Masters in NursingJ  Although, now with reality finally sinking in with loans, rent, saving, etc. I’m definitely as broke as an unfunny joke.  I realized I have only about 5-10, sometimes 20 dollars average I can spend on fun over any... Read more »

20 Creepy Fruits and Vegetables

We often think of fruits and vegetables as healthy, smart choices for a balanced diet, but what if we imagined something else? What if we imagined produce as sinister, conniving things waiting for the next chance to off you? What if we saw our fruit as potential victims? Here are 20 evil, murderous, or disturbingly well-anthropomorphized fruits... Read more »

20 of the Weirdest Canned Foods

Happy 200th Birthday to the can! In the early 19th century, Frenchman Nicholas Appert discovered a revolutionary way to preserve foods by using boiling water to force out air in glass bottles, and sealing the contents. Soon his method was adapted with tin cans, and on August 25, 1810 Peter Durand received the first patent... Read more »

Mars handing out free chocolate today in Pioneer Court

Who doesn’t love chocolate? OK, maybe some people, but for all those chocoholics, Mars will be offering **free candy** in Pioneer Court today, just outside 401 N. Michigan Ave. M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Dove and 3 Musketeers…more than 50,000 samples will be given away. The event lasts until 6 p.m. today. It was planned... Read more »

Life & style link buffet

Foodies! I found some new, fabulous things today I thought I’d share: First, I was introduced today to CakeWrecks, which is exactly what it sounds like: cakes gone “horribly, hilariously wrong”. That includes the, um, naked mole rat cake, the Bud Lite can cake topper, and the cake with Wiggles the modesty car. Moving on:... Read more »

Life & style week in review

New this weekThis week, we welcomed Marianna Swallow, Etiquette Bitch, to ChicagoNow’s Life and Style section, so do stop over and give her a nice warn welcome. And check out her fun Friday feature: Flashback Friday, where she will be posting vintage etiquette films and text. Lessons from Patrick SwayzeSadly, we lost Patrick Swayze this... Read more »

Food porn: literally

We’re all friends here, right? Good. Okay, so forget what I said in that last post about the top cookbook fails. Friend of ChicagoNow, Gordon McAlpin, has just pointed us to the cookbook fail of the universe. Ready? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes. I am... Read more »

Life & Style Week in Review

New on ChicagoNowJust this morning, we welcomed Beyond the Pedway to the ChicagoNow gang. This morning, Beyond the Pedway posted a video interview with ArtistData’s founder Brenden Mulligan, and their previous video interviews with local creative professionals include an interview with SitterCity of our very own Adventures In Babysitting. Quote of the weekBy far, the... Read more »

Five cookbook fails

Nevermind what I was Googling when I came across this, but the fact remains that just a moment ago, as a result of a Google search, I came across a recipe for Tuna Twinkie Souffle. Someone, somewhere, thinks that is delicious. And, it’s part of a cookbook. Oh my. But, there is plenty more where... Read more »