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Wanna Be Trendy

The New Trend is You Wanna be trendy?  Then be yourself! Decorating trends have been consistently moving toward more personal styles.  Which means there are fewer rules to follow.  You get to choose pieces that feel good to you.  Not because they are the correct items to fit a certain style, but just because you... Read more »

Design Tips by Adorn Design Group

Accessorize Like a Pro! Everyone likes being surrounded by things that they love. The accessories you choose to complement your home furnishings can personalize your space and bring it to life and you don’t need an interior design degree to get great-looking results! Check out these tips for adding color, texture and dimension to your... Read more »

14 Ridiculously Ugly Rugs Owned By People with Extremely Poor Taste

Home decor is a highly personal thing. Part of the fun (possibly the only fun) in moving is that you have a clean slate to decorate however you wish. If you want to buy an absurdly ugly rug, go right ahead. You’re the one who has to live with it. The only thing I can... Read more »