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Parenting Tips: The Decision to Parent in the City

If you are a parent raising a child in Chicago, a soon-to-be parent or even considering having children, you have probably gotten a lot of advice from family and friends about parenting in the city. Some may suggest that you get a different, likely larger, place to live, move to a new location, potentially outside... Read more »

Summer in the City - Where's My Kid?

Summer in the City - Where's My Kid?
Summer is finally here! People are out and Chicago is bustling. For some Chicago parents, summer is exciting because the kids are out of school; for others, it is overwhelming for this very same reason. Whatever your stance, summer also tends to be a time when parents contemplate their relationships with their children, especially those... Read more »

Do we need to live within our means in Chicago? Is that possible?

As Obama announced last night that the government will not shut-down,he also mentioned that Americans will have to learn to live within our means. So that also got me thinking,is it possible to live within our means in a big city like Chicago? For the top 1%,this article is not for you. Then again is... Read more »

Are you broke in Chicago?

Hello everyone!  My name is Nichole, and I just graduated from school with my Masters in NursingJ  Although, now with reality finally sinking in with loans, rent, saving, etc. I’m definitely as broke as an unfunny joke.  I realized I have only about 5-10, sometimes 20 dollars average I can spend on fun over any... Read more »

A Simple Goldfish: More Than Just a Living Arrangement

Pets are hard work and a responsibility that should be taken seriously. The good news is that a simple goldfish might be all that you need. Upon inspection of the many varieties, you’ll soon realize that not all goldfish are created equal. After all, you don’t have to buy a “gold” goldfish. If you prefer,... Read more »

Going local:Metropolis Coffee Company

Going local:Metropolis Coffee Company
Credit:Metropolis Coffee Company How fortunate are we to be able to dodge the cookie cutter Starbucks in the ‘burbs in exchange for some great,local coffee spots throughout the city. One of my favorites is Metropolis Coffee Company. This coffeehouse is happening Sunday through Saturday at any time of the day. The place is full of... Read more »

Pain?Dizziness? You could be suffering from the case of "stress".

Disclaimer:This post is solely for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose,treat,prevent,or cure any disease or illnesses you may have. The information is based on personal experience,opinion,and some of my clinical training. Always consult with a physician for any medical advice. Here in America,we work really hard. We are one of the most hardworking... Read more »

Sashay to the Green Festival

Chicago Green Festival May 14-15, 2011 at McCormick Place. Being a Sashay woman means that you are an individual, unique and unafraid to be yourself. That being said, the bond we share as Sashay women is that we love green–energized with being eco-friendly and a love for the environment! In 2010, Sashay Magazine had the... Read more »