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Obama gets anyway

No President Obama did not strap on a holster and six shooter and stare down Osama bin Laden at high noon in some one-camel oasis in the Middle East, beating him to the draw.  Instead, Obama authorized an operation that was intended to kill bin Laden, bringing an end to a goal that began over... Read more »

J Hollins Video Release "You're My Girl"

The time has come!!! The highly anticipated video release of “You’re My Girl” from Chicago Native J. Hollins. Directed by Donte “Diesel” Williams , Creative Direction/MUA: Jessica Williams, Styling/Wardrobe: Melissa Taylor for FashionHouse Chicago Also enjoy some behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot for the single 🙂  

Pucker up those Pouters

Wouldn’t you want to kiss these lips? Finally! A reason (besides social decency) to get up that 20 mins early and apply some make-up.   So, honestly I am the worst chronic alarm clock snoozer there is. I will snooze until my cats are literally clawing my eyeballs out for food…ok…that’s a little exaggerated, but... Read more »

Got Beer? Go ahead mom drink up

Feed me..Feed me.. FEED MEEE   To be known in no way am I endorsing alcohol to pregnant moms or babies…Ok, now with that being said lets begin.   Recent studies have shown some beer in moderation not only will help tired moms relax which will help their blood flow, but an active ingredient found in beer... Read more »

Chicago tours. Are they still just for the fanny-packing tourist?

  One of the delicious food stops on the tour..yummm     Sure Chicago has a lot of tours offered.  From boat, to land, to sea, you can visit famous Chicago landmarks every day.  I thought they were just for visiting tourists, until one unique tour took me by surprise!  It’s called Chicago Food Planet... Read more »

Energy drinks new dangerous drug for young adults?

  Are we really drinking this for energy? They are expensive, easily attainable, and seen in the hands of most high school and college students, especially around exam time.  You see them at most all bars, clubs, and social party scenes, and they can weigh heavily on one’s wallet.  You may think I am referring... Read more »

Men and No to SEX?!

“Darling, not tonight, I have a headache!”“Honey, please. I have to wake up early in the morning?!”“Babe, I don’t feel like it tonight!”“You need to earn that!” That is a definite NO NO.You hear that from the woman next to you, either the pillow or the bathroom will become your partner for that night. Women... Read more »

Sashay to the Green Festival

Chicago Green Festival May 14-15, 2011 at McCormick Place. Being a Sashay woman means that you are an individual, unique and unafraid to be yourself. That being said, the bond we share as Sashay women is that we love green–energized with being eco-friendly and a love for the environment! In 2010, Sashay Magazine had the... Read more »

Overcrowding in Emergency Rooms and Telephone Triage

Crowding in an emergency room is as it sounds: the ER is crowded with too many patients. Common causes include:  Increased number of uninsured that are waiting longer to seek medical care, and are sicker when they seek care, requiring more medical care Increase in population Reduction in the number of ERs An aging population... Read more »