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Green Kitchen Makeover

If your kitchen is full of inefficient appliances, worn-out surfaces, and outdated design ideas, a remodeling project can address all your problems at one time. In addition to budgetary and design considerations, you are probably giving thought to the resource-saving potential of eco-friendly solutions. Green kitchen remodeling don’t have to cost much more than your other... Read more »

Chicago tours. Are they still just for the fanny-packing tourist?

  One of the delicious food stops on the tour..yummm     Sure Chicago has a lot of tours offered.  From boat, to land, to sea, you can visit famous Chicago landmarks every day.  I thought they were just for visiting tourists, until one unique tour took me by surprise!  It’s called Chicago Food Planet... Read more »

Sashay to the Green Festival

Chicago Green Festival May 14-15, 2011 at McCormick Place. Being a Sashay woman means that you are an individual, unique and unafraid to be yourself. That being said, the bond we share as Sashay women is that we love green–energized with being eco-friendly and a love for the environment! In 2010, Sashay Magazine had the... Read more »

Go green with Gardening Nude

Ever wonder what it’s like to garden nude? Shawna Coronado‘s blog,Gardening Nude, might just answer that question. It’s the latest addition to the ChicagoNow community. Okay, now for the secret: Gardening Nude isn’t about what you think. Shawna’s blog serves as a resource for anyone ready to live a green style and, metaphorically speaking, garden... Read more »