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Wanna Be Trendy

The New Trend is You Wanna be trendy?  Then be yourself! Decorating trends have been consistently moving toward more personal styles.  Which means there are fewer rules to follow.  You get to choose pieces that feel good to you.  Not because they are the correct items to fit a certain style, but just because you... Read more »

Lines to Watch: Mother of Pearl

With Spring just around the corner, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite lines for the season!!! Mother Of Pearl, relaunched in 2008, after a dispute between current creative director Maia Norman and the former designer, is definitely a line to watch. Their current Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, as many of their other collections, has been recognized as wearable art!!!... Read more »

J Hollins Video Release "You're My Girl"

The time has come!!! The highly anticipated video release of “You’re My Girl” from Chicago Native J. Hollins. Directed by Donte “Diesel” Williams , Creative Direction/MUA: Jessica Williams, Styling/Wardrobe: Melissa Taylor for FashionHouse Chicago Also enjoy some behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot for the single 🙂  

In the Know: FashionHouse at Rock the Red Fashion Show

We were recently asked to present at the Rock the Red Fashion Show hosted by Red Pump Project!!! The evening was filled with fruit filled mojitos, endless fashion and the main goal you ask… raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.  Overall the evening was a success, and I finally got the chance to meet Laurie Underwood of Wanda... Read more »

Loving your saggy self!

I am thinking of letting it go. Oh, I know you all are thinking, “Oh she is so emotional.” But you’re wrong! I am not talking about letting go of emotional baggage. I am talking about the work involved in beautifying myself. I am sick to death of the time it takes to be a... Read more »

Pucker up those Pouters

Wouldn’t you want to kiss these lips? Finally! A reason (besides social decency) to get up that 20 mins early and apply some make-up.   So, honestly I am the worst chronic alarm clock snoozer there is. I will snooze until my cats are literally clawing my eyeballs out for food…ok…that’s a little exaggerated, but... Read more »

Pretty as a June Bug

Even the savviest of shoppers can have a closet full of mishmash and accessories that give the silent treatment. Lacking any sort of fashion rapport, new purchases are often set aside in frustration. Unfortunately, there’s no 12-step program; however, simple optimism is all you need to spark your efforts to dress.  A Sashay woman identifies, understands and engages. The rule of thumb?... Read more »

14 Ridiculously Ugly Rugs Owned By People with Extremely Poor Taste

Home decor is a highly personal thing. Part of the fun (possibly the only fun) in moving is that you have a clean slate to decorate however you wish. If you want to buy an absurdly ugly rug, go right ahead. You’re the one who has to live with it. The only thing I can... Read more »

New blog launches

Let’s take the time to welcome our new beauty blog, Pretty Cheap, to ChicagoNow. Blogger and beauty insider, Elza Siep, will be traipsing about Chicago looking for the best beauty buys, keeping your glamour high and wallet full. Siep is an experienced beautician and will also bring us informative “how- to” lessons on everything from... Read more »

The week in review

In Fashion… Barbara Glass showed off the personal street style of local ladies with a feature on black and white prints. She also gave us a peak at the new Jimmy Choo line for H&M. Also in shoes, Brandon and Arlene of Styled in Chicago featured a hilarious account of her first Louboutin purchase. As always, the Wear Windy City blog... Read more »