Social Work Today Article - Building a Practice in a Digital World

Check out the article in Social Work Today - Building a Practice in a Digital World. It highlights how digital media - including blog websites - is being used in social work by clinicians. I was interviewed for it because of my use of blogging for my private child therapy practice, Child Therapy Chicago. I periodically post articles about children, parenting, child development, emotional/mental health, etc. both on my website and here, for ChicagoNow.

I have gotten a lot of feedback that blogging about things you know or have expertise in can be very helpful to others and has a greater appeal than something that just provides static information about, say, a service; in my case, a private child therapy practice in Chicago. One parent acknowledged that, in addition to my credentials and background, my blog posts made him feel I was more "real" and that I had something to offer. Thus, he opted to bring his child to me.

So, for those of you who have something to offer the people and families of Chicago, blog posting can certainly be of help. It makes information readily available, promotes the sharing of knowledge, is a great resource, and can be a really good marketing tool.

Have a question about children - their development or behavior; parenting? Feel free to email me and I will post something about your topic idea on ChicagoNow.

Denise Duval, PhD, LCSW

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