Tiny Toddler.

Chandler is our "baby." Aka: Tweety Bird. She is our last born and by far the tiniest of all of our children. The first three were born weighing eight to nine pounds each and then came Chandler weighing a whopping six pounds 15 ounces. 

Miniature in comparison.

She has caused me all kinds of worry over her size. She is tall like the other kids, but for sure a skinny string bean.

Now don't for one minute think that because she is so tiny that is by any means quiet. Strangers have noticed her "volume". We have been grocery shopping and she is walking along side me chatting away and at the end of the aisle a man stops us and says "That little pip squeak is the one making all that noise?" Oh yeah, its her! My brother jokes that her lung capacity   does not match her size. She can yell and scream for what feels like eternity and not turn a single bit red. Maybe she will grown up and become a free diver.

I worry so much abut her size that while at said grocery store I have been known to plop her down into the produce scale just to double check her weight. Just want to be sure that she hasn't lost a single ounce, and hoping she maybe gained a pound or six. I am starting to worry that she will start to have issues with the produce scale.

Chandler will not put up with anything. If one of her siblings take her toy or cause her any kind of irritation she will let them know and may even smack them. Chandler will yell and stomp at them too. She even has a mean face that she will use on any adult that doesn't give her her way, which is often. 

She will boss anyone and everyone around. She is unaware of her tiny size, though she does use that fact that she is the baby to her advantage. She will ask to be carried around because " I the baby." Or she wants me to tuck her in because "I the baby." The list of things she uses that for is almost endless, including why she won't potty train "I the baby."

At a recent school play while everyone else was quietly listening, she was busy saying to everyone and no one "Oh this is so scurry (scary)!" "Look, Mommy it's so scurry, are you scurry?"  I thought we are going to be the first family in the history of school plays to be kicked out.

Her sister twirling competition when she was suppose to be watching instead she was telling everyone around her how she was up and then down and up and down, over and over again. If Autumn's twirling coach, Mrs. Laura had asked us to leave I would not have been shocked. I was worried that her "volume" was going to distract the girls twirling and one of them was going to get whacked in the head by a baton!

She will definitely not be a library science major.

She maybe a whisper of a thing, but Lord knows she cannot whisper.

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