So, I drove the baby to Charleston to see the GI doctor. The day did not start out well, first I thought her appointment was scheduled at 1:30 pm and when I called at 8:00 am to double check I discovered that her appointment was for 10:00 am. So thankfully, I already started getting dressed and I threw it into high gear and managed to get us out the door by 8:45.

Then, I am cruising along down the road the endless road of highway 17 with a grumpy baby who needed a nap. I admit I was zipping right along. I look down to check the directions and notice that I am suppose to get onto I-26 west exit 216-A. Well, this is news to me. I actually thought I was just going to Mount Pleasant. This sends me into a panic, which in turn sends a signal to my foot that says "activate lead foot mode". Once "lead foot mode" was on I am really zipping along now and I start to think I might actually make it on time, just by the skin of my teeth but on time none the less.

As I am zipping along, I'm listening to one of the greatest car songs in the history of car songs, (Love Shack) and I am jamming out. Then I look in the rear view mirror and notice the blue lights whirling away. Since I didn't hear any sirens I thought that they weren't for me, so I move over to the other lane so that he can go by me. Then, to my horror I discover he is pulling ME over! All I can think is "ah crap."

He comes to my window and says "Ma'am where's the fire?" I open my mouth to answer because I felt like I had a really good reason for speeding but instead of words sobs come out. Now not the sweet pretty crying that you see on TV, but the down right ugly crying with snot and make-up running down my face. I was one good dry heave away from drooling on myself. It was plain old ridiculous. I couldn't stop myself - I was ugly crying my whole sad story about how I was racing my poor skinny chicken baby to the specialist and how I was going to be late, and he says license, insurance card and registration like he doesn't even hear my crisis. And then he takes FOREVER to write the ticket. I mean I know between body racking sobs he had to hear me when I said I was in a hurry! After he moseys over to my car to give me my ticket and tells me how much I owe, $85.00. He then says remember "speeding doesn't get you there any faster, call them and tell the doctor you'll be late". And I continue on my way to the doctor's with the cruise control on the whole way (as per my moms instructions).

The real bummer is that I HATE to break the rules. I LOVE rules! They are clear. I enjoy black and white. There is no gray for me. But every time I step one toe over the "line" I get smacked. I mean if I start talking bad about someone the person I am talking about always walks up behind me. I don't sneak food into the movies if I see a sign that says not to (sometime I don't 'see' the sign but that's for another blog). So the 2 times I really speed, I get caught, which it just so frustrating. Everyone else gets to break the rules but me. It's just not fair.....

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