Obama gets Osama...credit anyway

No President Obama did not strap on a holster and six shooter and stare down Osama bin Laden at high noon in some one-camel oasis in the Middle East, beating him to the draw.  Instead, Obama authorized an operation that was intended to kill bin Laden, bringing an end to a goal that began over a decade ago, started by former President George W. Bush.


















It took years of intelligence gathering and painstakingly slow and methodical work to arrive at this point.  We may never know how many false leads and dead trails were encountered before discovering the specific lead that finally brought about the end of bin Laden.

According to multiple news sources, the key break came two years ago when a trusted courier of bin Laden's was discovered.  Even then it took two more years to make certain this was someone who had access to bin Laden instead of someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew Laden's mechanic or poolboy.

Two years ago, Obama had pretty much just moved into the White House -- Mrs Obama was probably still telling the kids not to run around the oval office -- when this news came across his desk. Imagine what a boost to morale this would have had on our country at the time.  But Obama had to keep a lid on it, in the midst of criticism and attacks on his administration that came pretty much before he even was inaugurated.

It's been quite the week for Obama. First he addressed the Birthers by producing his long form birth certificate and now he's put an end to one of the most hated figure since Hitler. 




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