I decide to take all the kids to the library. I get everyone dressed and ready to go. I load them all in to the "big" van and head out. On the way there I am talking up the library, how to behave, what the rules are for checking out a book, how we don't keep it forever. I mean we are really chatting up this library event. We get there and I get everyone out we head towards the door and as we approach the door I remind everyone to whisper and walk quietly. Autumn opens the door and we enter.... 

Chandler starts crying but I quickly fix that and move on. Dylan is looking for a special book so I convince him to ask for help all by himself which he does. I send Autumn and Denver over to their section to pick out a book. Denver heads over to the train and is playing surprisingly quietly,while Autumn is browsing in the princess book section. Chandler is complaining but not to loudly. I meanwhile head over to the desk to make sure my card is not expired since its been awhile since I had used it. Well the nice librarian asks for my card,mmm can't find it so she uses my drivers license. So she typing away and I look over towards Denver in the train and I see a "look" on his face that spells bad news.

 I let out a very deep breath and shoot him a look but it doesn't matter because its to late he pooped in his underwear. Great! There is nothing I can do about it right this minute so I decide to move on and worry about that later. I am starting to wonder what the librarian is doing because she is really taking a long time looking up my card info, so I figure it must be expired and I will most likely need a new card. No big deal a dollar at the most to replace the old card. I grab a quick peek at the kids Denver is still standing at his crime scene but Dylan and Autumn are behaving like angels sitting quietly reading their books of choice when the librarian announces why she has been typing so long. 

It seems that in October 2006 I checked out 2 books and 3 dvd's and never returned them. Which may I just say was very shocking since I have zero memory of this at all! And I have a fine of 118.62. My grandma was a librarian for 20 years and she would be so mad at me if she knew. 

The nice lady tells me that I cannot check out anything until this fine is paid and that they will not accept anything but cash. How is it possible that the library can make me feel about 6 inches tall? I don't have 118.62 in cash I don't even have the .62. After I plead my pitiful case the nice lady tells me she will speak to the director and get back to me in a few days. Meanwhile I have to tell my angel children plus the poopy one that we will not be checking out books today because their mother didn't follow the rules and is now a library villain. 

Good grief!

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